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Rasgulla recipe originated from the state of west Bengal, which is also called rosogolla. Basically “ras” means juice and “gulla” means ball shaped, so rasgulla is tiny juicy balles which are soft, spongy, and made during time of festivals.

COURSE – Dessert
CUISINE – Indian
PREPARATION – TIME – 10minutes
COOKING – TIME -30 minutes
REST TIME – 30 minutes
TOTAL TIME -1 hour

•1 liter full fat milk or cow’s milk
•3 tbsp lemon juice + 1 tbsp water
•2 cup sugar refined sugar
•6 cup water
•1 tsp corn flour or all purpose flour maida
•3 cardamom pods
•Some ice cubes


*For chenna (paneer)
•Take milk in a wide pan and keep it to boil on medium-low flame.
•When the milk comes to a boil switch off the gas.
•Then add mixture of 2 tbsp water +3 tbsp lemon juice in milk.
•Stir continuously.
•Milk has curdled in 3-4 min then switch off the flame.
•The milk has curdle completely with the watery whey.

•Then place muslin cloth on strainer and pour the curdled milk.
•Rinse the chenna with water to remove the lemony flavor.
•Gather the muslin cloth from the sides and rinse chenna very well with running water.
•Then Squeeze cloth to remove excess water from chenna.
•Hang the chenna for about 30min.

For rasgulla balls
•After 30 min remove chenna from muslin cloth.
•Then begin to mash and knead chenna with the heels of your palms. Knead for 10 min.
•After 10 min smooth and uniform texture of chenna without any grains.
•Take some portions from the chenna and make smooth and round ball.
•Cover all balls with moist muslin cloth and keep aside.

For sugar syrup
•In a wide bowl take 2 cup sugar and 6 cup of water.
•Stir to dissolve sugar syrup.
• The consistency of sugar syrup should be watery.
•Boil sugar syrup on high flame.
•Reserve some sugar syrup.

**For cooking rasgulla:-
☆Once sugar syrup is completely boiling at high flame, then drop rasgulla in it.

☆Cover immediately with a lid and let the rasgulla cook on high flame 5 minutes.

☆After 5 minutes flip rasgulla and cook rasgulla for 5 min on medium-high heat.

☆Total 10 min remove lid and continue to cook for 7 min on medium to low heat.

☆Once the rasgulla are cooked, switch off the flame and cool it for 2-3 mintes.

☆Then add cooked rasgulla into cold water to retain its shape.

☆After 2 minutes transfer rasgulla into reserve sugar syrup.
☆Refrigerate for 2 hrs

Soft ,Spongy and Juicy rasgulla is ready to serve .

¤Do not use store-bought paneer to make rasgulla.
¤Use wide pan for making rasgulla.
¤Store rasgulla in the refrigerator for 5-6 days.


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