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I am someone who simply loves and adores food. Definitely, a foodie in nature. As per my Hobbies, are to Explore New Cultures, New Places, and explore different varieties of food. Currently, I am Pursuing my college Degree from International Institute of Hotel Management. Completed, my Industrial Training From ITC Kohenur A Luxury Collection Hotel. I had started my personal Food Blog Page on Facebook in 2018 which is known as FoodMela. This page was created during my first year of college. Feeling so motivated in doing so, I wanted to take it to the next level, but in a Different concept.Our Motto is to Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy. My desire is that everyone has access to an Easy recipe and try them without facing any difficulty, and also Enjoy it With your Family and Relatives.
The recipes are Tried and Tested by Our Food Bloggers and then Shared on this Blog.
Maintaining this Website by myself. I would love to Connect with You all through My Website and welcome Everyone who visits our website for Recipes and Articles. Keep Visiting Our Website. We are Delightful to get more easy Recipes for you.


I m shikha Singh from jamshedpur basically born & brought up in proud city Patna. I have done my bachelor’s from Patna Womens College and have double masters in Computer Application as well as Business Administration from Pune. I worked in Pune based MNC as software developer for few years but left the job to enjoy my journey of motherhood with my little princess. Cooking is my passion since my school days & i love it. I started food blogging on Instagram(@shikha_kitchen_snaps) just to make myself engage with the outside world but now it has become part of my life .I am highly influenced by the food innovation, with the recipes, plating, followers following, appreciation etc.. it’s interesting and now I’m addicted of it. Thank you foodmela the ultimate platform for not only brushing my food mania as well as providing me opportunity to work as Managing Director. I’m humbled and grateful to be a part of this manifesto.


This is me.
Nidhi Pampattiwar, an Architect and Designer by profession.
I am a self- made, passionate Photographer and Graphic Designer.
Photography always act as a conversation starter in every way
I think creativity is what imagination needs to break the boundaries of conventional ideas and thoughts we have become inured to, which lead me to opt for Designer as my career. I approach the object with wider mindset beyond the 3D perspective and paying closer attention to the details.
I am lucky enough to work with some of the most creative and driven people in the world – FOODMELA.


My name is Ananya Gupta and I’m currently a third year student pursuing Computer Science and Engineering.
Designing is something I started as a pass time and it always had my interest! Also, I love painting things around me and I have a good hand with various tools available online which serve my purpose.
Thinking creatively comes naturally to me and I pay much attention to detail. These qualities have helped me a lot as I gradually took the path of trying to become graphic designer.
Foodmela provided me with an amazing opportunity of showcasing my skills for the benefit of the organization and make me learn and grow with them at the same time!


I am Shweta from Dil walo ki Dilli. I’m a owner of company Textanalog – A digital Marketing Company and a Blogger. I started blogging because I love to try new fusions in food and love meeting new peoples. I started my journey from @krista_Freebird (you can find me on Instagram only). Enjoy the new plans and certainly attempt to give your taste buds a treat at whatever point conceivable.I am highly obliged to be a part of this venture..Thank you Foodmela.


I am Pranjal Sanghavi from Hubli. I have done my bachelors of commerce from Ballari Institute of Technology and Management. I have 3 years of working experience of with Oracle India Pvt .ltd Banglore.and 8 months of working experience in a start-up as a digital marketer and currently I am working as a content creator in trell I have always been passionate about cooking and my 9 to 5 job didn’t give me time to pursue my passion, meanwhile, in Bangalore, I used to stay in pg where I always have faced the problem with food and eating junk food on regular basis would turn out to be expensive and unhealthy. Then a thought struck my mind about those working mom, working women who have to take care of their families. it becomes difficult for working women to make food as per everyone’s preferences. After I left my 9 to 5 job I got a purpose to start up with my food blogging ( @_pjs_kitchen). I wanted to create and develop such recipes that are tasty, easy to make so that working women can have hassle-free cooking and make some really innovative dishes and can easily manage her work and her family. It would even create some interest in people for cooking. if anyone among all the people ordering food stops eating junk and prepares a meal for themselves will fulfil my purpose. Thank you, food Mela for such an amazing platform through which we can encourage a lot of people to show up their talents. I am grateful to be a part of this wonderful project


TALEAH, a name that makes me unique itself. An alumni of Army Public School Kolkata and currently a student of International Institute of Hotel Management Kolkata. Oratory and article writing can be done anywhere and anytime that’s my thing. Making things better is a blessing and I’m fortunate to do that as an Editor. Enjoy the new recipes and definitely try to give your taste buds a treat whenever possible.


I am Amrita Banerjee from Kolkata, and I work as a food blogger and a content writer for Foodmela. I dream of being a hotelier someday and I’m currently working hard towards reaching that goal.
Baking has always attracted me since I was a child. It has been a part and parcel of my life while growing up. I aspire to be known for my baking skills. It gives me immense pleasure to share my recipes with the world, and Foodmela has gifted me with the platform I was looking for.
Check my Instagram feed (@faux_bangaalan) for more details and baked recipes. Keep cooking and keep sharing!


I am Kinza Samuel, the Editor behind Food Mela. Currently, I’m a college student, aspiring to become a successful Chef someday. I thought to try my luck with editing. so! Here I am. I’m so grateful to be a part of this Beautiful Blog. Hoping readers would have a great experience trying out our recipes. Looking forward to sharing this extraordinary journey with all of you. I hope we learn, grow and interact with one another in this journey together


I am Shradha Singh , the editor behind food mela , i am from kolkata the city of joy .I just passed out my class 12.I am pursing Graduation Course of International Institute Of Hotel Management . I aspire to become a successful chef someday.I held my self lucky that i get the chance to become the part of foodmela .As i love editing i thought to try my luck here in editing so here i am will try my best in every possibilities.lets take this journey as a never ending journey.Lets make our bond more stronger by getting know each other.

Anyone search team of foodmela  on Google show these in Result

I am Aliya Anwar, the Editor behind Food Mela. I am from Kolkata, the city of joy. Currently, I’m pursuing graduation from Sivanath Sastri College. Cooking and eating are probably my favorite hobbies. I’m highly grateful to be a part of such an amazing and creative team. Hoping our readers are giving themselves a healthy treat. Looking forward to sharing this extraordinary journey with all of you. Thank you foodmela for giving me this opportunity.


This is, SHREYANKA BERA. I have passed higher secondary education in 2018 and now I am a part of IHM Shillong’s family as a student. I am glad to get a chance Work as a Editor for this interesting Food Blog .Enjoy our new recipes and differnt interesting information about food industry. Enjoy,stay safe,eat healthy.


It’s my uprightness to present myself. I am Sony kaur currently living in Chandigarh, but I’m deep rooted
with Mumbai.
I am accrediated with a diploma for makeup artist by profession.
Being a part of punjabi family,food has always been the essential happiness provider to us. So,I always
had zest trying different cuisines,which motivated me in gaining interest for cooking.
By the time,I started practically cooking food for my family,eventually at a steady phase,I learnt the
fragnance of flavours in cooking. But as the world is progressing,Its not always what you eat matters,but
how it looks,started to blossom because the first impression to attract,one’s eyes is the food which is
placed to be served.
After getting substancial knowledge in different spiced and herbs. I started sharing my creation with the
world to social platforms by the name of @foodstoriesbysonykaur on instagram.
I post mostly home cooked recipes on my youtube channel- Sony Kaur
I am currently ,also content writter and food blogger for food mela.


I am Sneha Agrawal from Varanasi, and I work as a food blogger and a content writer for Foodmela. I dream of opening my own cafe club type area and want to do or serve the needy people to bring smile at their faces as much as i can do for them i trying someday and I’m currently working hard towards reaching that goal.
Baking has always attracted me also since I was a child. It has been a part my life while growing up. I aspire to be known for my baking and cooking skills. It gives me immense pleasure to share my recipes with the world, and Foodmela has gifted me and provide me wonderful opportunity to learn it with the platform I was looking for.
My Instagram feed (@Cutie lovy) for more details. Keep smiling and keep sharing!

Apurva Pankaj
Graphic Designer at Food Mela

I am apurva pankaj.I am a Fashion cum Graphic designer.
I love doing creative things and love styling food for food photography.
I enjoy creating ebook and magazines.
I love to worl with food blogger for food magazine.
I am lucky enough to get a chance to work with Foodmela


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