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Mansi Joshi
Food Blogger

I am Mansi Joshi from Delhi. I’m currently pursuing MBBS. I love cooking and baking. I started baking when i was 14 years old. I also enjoy writing reviews and creating recipes. I wanted to become a food blogger long before it became a trend. I started my instagram food blog (@bhookhipahadan) recently. I aspire to become a food critic and own a bakery some day. Foodmela has given me an opportunity to share my recipes with a wider audience. I am very grateful for this initiative and glad to share my recipes with Foodmela.

Food Blogger

It’s Shazmin Alam from Kolkata. I am pursuing a hospitality course from International Institute of Hotel Management, Kolkata. Cooking became my passion during my Industrial Training in Dubai, and I started sharing the recipes and minor information about the particular dish in instagram and facebook @_foodeology. Recently I had colaborated with Foodmela and it’s been a great experience as I can share all the recipes in a bigger platform. Thank you for giving me such an opportunity #FOODMELA.

Food Blogger

I’m Shreya Thakkar from the city of joy Kolkata .By profession I’m a Software Engineer but honestly it gives me no pleasure to work all day long in front of laptop. I’m a crazy food lover and that is why we have @tout_de_sweet_(check it out on instagram ) page amongst us . I love trying several cousine when it comes to cook or dine out . More than building a software , I love building innovative dishes and I promise to share them all through this amazing medium. Thank you foodmela for making me part of this wonderful initiative


I am Nandini Garg from Yamunanagar. I always dreamt of having a huge well furnished bakery & its been past 4 years Working as an entrepreneur and mass market recognises me by Nannys kitchen.
As a restaurant cook, one has to be knowledgeable about recipes, quantities, ingredients & food preparation time frames and I foster each one. I’m well versed in preparing, seasoning and cooking variety of food. I love fusion cooking.
Foodmela is an amazing platform to exchange ideas & share recipes.
Checkout my instagram handle @nannyskitchen34 for food styling & food photography.

Keep baking ! Keep eating & don’t forget to share your reviews.


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