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Foodmela – eat healthy stay healthy, Mela as the name itself suggests bringing lots of stuff on the same platform. So this is mela of food recipes. Food mela Is a platform where all food bloggers can share their own created recipe with all sorts of twists and turn. While going through our tagline -Eat Health Stay healthy..we are going to provide you healthy, quick & easy homemade recipes because Nowadays, People are more health-conscious..so we Can Get an Easy Healthy recipe. Our Vision is to make every person in our country should stay Healthy. In this challenging situation of Covid 19, We have seen people were locked inside houses, and they even can’t go outside to restaurants or hotels to taste outside food. So me & mine team looking at the situation come up with this idea of Foodmela to bring recipes and food blogger to bring together on a single roof. This way, they provide easy and self-cooked recipes so that we can taste delicious food similar to restaurants in less time and in a natural way.

There’s a lot that goes into planning the perfect food, and the dish is just one part of it—but an important role to choose the right ingredients. If you’re still not sure what you want to serve, check out our menu from foodmela. It skews relatively traditional, with lots of easy recipes, and some genuinely different choices for those who want to do something different and want to play around ingredients. Plus, it covers traditional Indian diverse culture cuisine and desserts, so you can button down every detail and draw up your plan to attack well in advance.

We did go heavy on the vegetables and non-veg food items, so even if you’re looking for both kinds of meals, you will be highly satisfied with our recipes. We are providing the nutrition value of our food as well.

Foodmela is acting as a manifesto to every passionate food blogger to come with innovative ideas of foodMela and providing opportunities to complete their dream into reality.

If you want to Publish your recipe on foodmela website.Feel free to reach us.

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